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I was tagged to do this tag by two of my favourite bloggers: Laura@thebookcorps and Ash@Wildheartreads .Thank you so much for tagging me- I’m so excited to get started.

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What are you currently reading?

Nothing. Goddam you exams!! 

I will be reading these soon though.

Wonderland by Juno Dawson.

This is a YA mystery/ Spin on Alice in Wonderland about a trans girl named Alice who is searching for her missing friend, Bunny. I did read a sneaky chapter or two before exams started and what I read was really good. I’m excited! 

Into this River I Drown by TJ Klune.

A book by TJ Klune that I HAVEN’T READ? ….. …. sounds fake but okay.

I was told to read this by someone special and considering she’s already read two books I’ve told her to read, I’m returning the favour.

I have been putting this off until I needed a good cry because it sounds HEARTBREAKING. Honestly after the disaster that was clinical proteomics yesterday, the time has come.

What is your favourite can’t leave the house activity?

Annoying my family

In addition to reading I love doing a good jigsaw puzzle. I usually combine both by listening to an audiobook while making the puzzle.

A book you’ve been meaning to read forever?

529DFC36-70D0-4467-89CC-E1E66CA1660ADefinitely Crier’s War by Nina Varela. I’ve wanted to read this book since before it released but alas, I’m a disaster!

An intimidating book on your TBR


Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater.

So fun fact: I haven’t, em, read this yet.

I waited over three years for this, my expectations are basically the size of MOUNT EVEREST. I’m scared the book will be a disappointment, and honestly not to be my dramatic self but, if that was the case my soul would be crushed.

Haha no pressure book.

Top three priority book on my TBR.

Okay I’ll admit it- the second one isn’t really a priority but it gives off such a delightful energy that I need in my life.

Recommend a Short Book

Silver in the Woods by Emily Tesh.

Silver is the Woods is a beautifully written novella, that had a magical feel, and I’m not just talking about the Dryads! I highly recommend. Especially if you like fantasy and soft/disaster gays. 

Recommend a long book.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

Just looking at the cover brings me happiness. The Priory of the Orange Tree is still one of my favourite fantasy novels that features one super slow burn f/f romance, a tired queen, one badass assassin, a doctor who sucks!, and one fabulous bond between a girl and her dragon! 

Something you’d love to do while stuck at home.

I’d love to learn how to cook- I’ve been practicing since lockdown but stopped due to study- so I’d like to started practicing different recipes again.

My problem with cooking is less then fact I can’t do it and more the fact that I’m accident prone. Sometimes things go on fire or I burn a pot or two. Not my fault.

What do you plan on reading next?

EVERYTHING!! I’m not kidding, I’ve had to stop reading this past month and my last exam is in the morning. I am going to read it alll!! Mwhahaha.

Apart from the books I’ve mentioned in the other questions, I do really REALLY, want to read: All the Bad Apples by Moïra Fowley-Doyle.



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2 thoughts on “The Stuck at Home Book Tag.

  1. littlebookynook June 1, 2020 / 12:59 am

    I am really wanting to read Criers War as well. It’s just one of those books that has gotten lost in my never-ending TBR list!!! Silver in the Woods looks good really good, I am going to have to add it to my list, it definitely looks right up my alley! I love that you love doing jigsaw puzzles! I haven’t done one in forever, but now I feel like I really want to do one. I think what turned me off doing them last time, was I had this jigsaw puzzle that was labelled as one of the most difficult puzzles in the world and it was DOUBLE SIDED. And the other side wasn’t a different picture. It was the SAME picture, but I guess just flipped? Anyway, I think I will give puzzles a go again, just not such a difficult one. This has been a really long comment, sorry about that! Great answers lovely xx

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    • Shans_Shelves June 3, 2020 / 8:01 am

      Same about Crier’s War, I cannot wait to eventually get to it though. Whoop I hope you enjoy both Criers War and Silver in the Woods when you read them💜

      Wow that puzzle does sounds awful. OH SHIT DOUBLE SIDED I would freak out haha 😂 It’s cool that they’ve made puzzles like that, but damn it sounds horrendous. I recommend 3D puzzles they’re really fun, I’ve made Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower☺️

      No don’t apologise, thank you so so much for commenting and reading. 💜💜💕

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